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What is the ACE Program?


  •   The Activists for Congressional Education (ACE) Program is a member-driven effort to strengthen the relationship between the AFT and Members of Congress.



  •   Under the program, affiliates establish ACE Committees by congressional district.


  •   Participants will meet with the member of Congress at least twice a year in the congressional home district office. The size of the ACE Committee will vary from state to state,but should be large enough to ensure there will be a sufficient number to meet with themember of Congress, yet not so large that the meeting fails to be productive.


  •  Given that the ACE program is premised on the development of a continuing relationship with the member of Congress, it is important the participants reside in the congressional district of the member of Congress with whom they meet – i.e. they be constituents of the Congressional member.


  •   By scheduling regular meetings with the member of Congress the goal is to build lasting relationships while formalizing a line of communication to advance our positions.





Legislative Issues Policies (LIPS)




  •          non-partisan,


  •          grassroots education,


  •          communication, and


  •          an action program involving every member.



The Goal of LIPS is to maintain a highly mobilized membership of AFT Colorado with the ability to be "on the ready" for the next fight - whether it be legislative or political.  AFT Colorado, through the LIPS program, will have a pool of members to draw upon to help push pro-active legislation or stop harmful bills from becoming law in Colorado.


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